The curricular currently includes: English, Science, Mathematics, Kurdish, Handwriting, Social studies, the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Computer Technology, and Library. ENGLISH, SCIENCE, and MATH are taught in English. The Kurdish Language (Grammar, Vocabulary, and Literature), Social Studies, Civilization, Human Rights, Art, Religion, and PE are taught in Kurdish. Our students are rapidly expected to become fluent in English, Kurdish, and Arabic.

Knowledge Private School provides students with a library where students are required to check out books in Kurdish and English, take them home, and read them before returning them. Knowledge Private School believes that each student must become familiar with today's technology and provides Computer Technology Classes in a Computer Laboratory.

For students who experience difficulty, the Knowledge Private School Counselor will help the student and parents by understanding and working through situations that may be keeping the student from achieving  his best performance. Knowledge Private School provides tutoring for students who need extra instruction.

The school schedule provides for five full days of instruction per week. School starts at 8:30am and ends at 3:00pm. After school, each student should expect the minimum of two hours of homework per night, with homework on weekends being the norm. Fluency in any language requires nearly continuous study and hard work. At Knowledge Private School, our students learn two languages in the early years and will be expected to acquire fluency in a third language as their education progresses.